Homemade Soda Recipes To Use With The Sodastream: 200 Recipes by Andrew Schloss

One of the questions I get most from visitors of this site is “do you have any good homemade soda recipes you can share?” I have a few I’ll typically provide, some of which are linked within the pages of this Sodastream Review site, but my homemade soda recipes box is rather slim. I experiment with a lot of fruit and juices but in reality, there are only a few homemade soda recipes I’ve picked up that I liked.  That is, until Andrew Schloss released his book Homemade Soda: 200 Recipes for Making & Using Fruit Sodas & Fizzy Juices, Sparkling Waters, Root Beers & Cola Brews…

For those of you that have never heard the name Andrew Schloss, he is a teacher, food product developer, food writer and successful cookbook author with over 15 titles to his name such as Art of the Slow Cooker, The Science of Good Food, 2500 Recipes: Everyday to Extraordinary and now Homemade Soda. When I heard about the book, I knew I had to pick it up and give it a try.

Homemade Soda Recipes – How I discovered the Book

Homemade Soda RecipesI didn’t discover Schloss’ book on my own.  A friend introduced me to the book while I was at her home one afternoon.  Like me, she’s an avid soda fan and proud Sodastream Home Soda Maker owner on the constant search for new and interesting homemade soda recipes.  We were standing in her kitchen one afternoon when she got this screwed grin on her face and placed a drink in my hand.  “I was going to keep this a secret but I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  You have to try this!”  I’m sure I must have gotten an odd look on my face because before I could respond she said “Luke, don’t be a ninny, just try the d@mn drink!”  To the best of my knowledge, my friend has never tried to poison me before but this drink smelled a bit odd.  It definitely contained lemons and I picked up, clove?  I took a few sips and tried to define what I was experiencing.  “Ah, you like it!  I knew you would!”  My friend had given me the most unusual and delicious drink I’ve ever had before.  She explained she found the recipe in Schloss’ book of homemade soda recipes and that we were drinking his “Black Lemonade”.

My friend handed me the book and frantically began pulling out ingredients.  She’d shared her little secret and was going for full disclosure.  We spent the remainder of our time making and sampling her favorite recipes.  When I returned home, I purchased the Homemade Soda Recipes Kindle Edition for my iPad and started digging in.

Homemade Soda Recipes – What’s in the book?

Part 1 of Schloss’ Homemade Soda Recipes is a basic introduction to getting started including common ingredients, tools you’ll need, how to store your soda and troubleshooting tips.  Part 2 begins the recipes section of his book and Schloss starts with homemade soda recipes for Soda Drinks:

  • Sparkling Waters
  • Fruit Sodas
  • Root Beers & Cola Brews
  • Herbal Sodas & Healing Waters
  • Fizzy Juices
  • Sparkling Teas, Coffees & Chocolates
  • Cream Sodas, Egg Creams & Floats
  • Shrubs, Switchels & Other (Exotic Drinks)
Part 3 of the book was a rather interesting surprise for me detailing recipes for soda food.  In this section, he shows you how to incorporate soda recipes into main dishes and sides like Lemonade Shrimp Cocktail, Root Beer Baked Ham and Dr. Pepper Corned Beef.  Schloss finishes up his homemade soda recipes with tasty deserts like Lemon-Lime Cheesecake, Ginger Ale Pound Cake and Brown Sugar Pecan Cake with Root Beer Frosting.  The book closes with a handy resources section to aid in finding anything you may have difficulty locating locally.

Homemade Soda Recipes – My Thoughts On The Book

Andrew Schloss’ book is a very well written homemade soda recipes book that provides tremendous variety for the home soda enthusiast.  When I first picked up this book, I had the misconception that the recipes would be time consuming and difficult with hard to find ingredients.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Most of the recipes in this book are very simple and easy to make with ingredients I had no difficulty locating.  For those rare ingredients, Schloss’ resource section provides an easy method of obtaining them at the best possible price.  I doubt I’ll ever make it through all 200 recipes but the ones I’ve tried so far have all been excellent.

The book contains recipes for everyone from the avid cola drinker to those who prefer more adventurous and exotic drinks.  There are also healthful options, herbal drinks and even some “adult” beverages.  There are simply too many recipes and varieties of soda to select any one as my favorite.  However, the raspberry lime ricky, kiwi lime soda, grapefruit soda and strawberry pineapple soda are now regulars in our household due to their refreshing and incredibly simple recipes.  I have to admit though, there were some real surprises for me within the homemade soda recipes Schloss includes.  For example, I would likely have never tried the Black Lemonade or Apricot Raspberry Shrub on my own but found them to be surprisingly scrumptious and refreshing.  Who knew I’d like a soda with ingredients such as peppers, clove and vinegar?  I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things.

Homemade Soda Recipes – My One Complaint:

Scholl’ book is not perfect, however, and I have one complaint that I want to point out and believe everyone  needs to understand.  Schloss mistakenly refers to the Sodastream as a Soda Siphon in the beginning of his book.  While most experienced Soda Siphon and Sodastream users will recognize this error, those new to homemade soda recipes or the Sodastream would not and could follow the wrong set of instructions.  It is important for any Sodastream user to follow the instructions that say “To Mix With Seltzer” and NOT “To Carbonate With A Siphon”.  This is a very minor error but one I felt must be pointed out.  I would hate for a new Sodastream user to follow the wrong instructions and end up with a sticky mess as a result.  This has also helped me identify the need or another page on this site to explain the differences between the Sodastream and the Soda Siphon.  It will be coming soon and I’ll update this page with a link when it is released.

In short, Schloss’ Homemade Soda Recipes book is truly the perfect companion to any Sodastream Home Soda Maker.  It gives you a wide variety of homemade soda recipes to take control of your soda consumption.  With the recipes in Schloss’ book, you get to control the sweeteners, eliminate the artificial ingrediens contained in commercial soda and end up with beverages that taste far better than their store bought equivalent.  Finally, I have a resource to provide folks that write in for recipes or alternatives to the Sodastream Sodamix options available.

Note: For those that read primarily on your iPad or other full color device using the Amazon Kindle Application, the Homemade Soda Recipes Kindle Edition includes full color photos!

US Visitors: Click Here To Grab Andrew Schloss’ Homemade Soda Recipes Book and Start Making your own Homemade Soda -or- Click Here to Download the Kindle Edition Now

Attention Canadian Visitors:  Click Here to get Andrew Schloss’ Homemade Soda Recipes Book from Amazon.ca

Attention UK Visitors: Click Here to get Andrew Schloss’ Homemade Soda Recipes from Amazon.co.uk


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24 Responses to Homemade Soda Recipes To Use With The Sodastream: 200 Recipes by Andrew Schloss
  1. France Langelier
    July 24, 2012 | 10:44 PM

    Hi Luc

    I just bought my Sodastream Fizz and look forward to lots of great sodas. Like Lynn, (February 25th) I’m also from Canada and wanted to buy the iPad version of Andrew Schloss’s book, only to find it’s not available to us Canucks. Andrew doesn’t seem to have his own webpage. If you’re in touch with him, can you ask him if we’ll be getting an e-book version anytime soon? I much prefer it to the printed version.

    • Luke
      July 25, 2012 | 11:51 AM

      Hi France, Thanks for visiting the site and leaving your comment. I hope you are enjoying your Sodastream Fizz. If you don’t mind, please take a moment to leave your own review of the Fizz on my Sodastream Fizz page. Just visit the page, scroll to the very bottom below comments, click on the ratings categories and leave your written review in the comments section. Your review could help others considering the Fizz determine if it is right for them.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know Mr. Schloss personally. I too have tried finding contact information for him in hopes of interviewing him for the site but I didn’t have any luck. If I ever track him down, I will certainly pass along your comments. I also prefer eBooks to printed books and understand where you are coming from. Thanks again for your comment. Take good care, Luke

  2. Lynn Legere
    February 25, 2012 | 2:11 PM

    I have the Pure model and love it. However, when I went to Amazon to purchase the book “Homemade Soda Recipes” I find neither the paper or iPad versions are available on the Canadian website. A shame as I wanted some sparkling water recipes. Love that I can use it for that without a lot of salt as there can be when you buy soda water. Just thought you should know that for your excellent web site.

    • Luke
      February 25, 2012 | 3:11 PM

      Hi Lynn, Thanks for visiting the site and leaving your comment. The book is available on Amazon in Canada but it doesn’t always pull up right away. You sometimes have to search by the author’s name. My site is based in the US and I have some features that attempt to refer you to the product in other countries but Amazon does not use the same part number in all countries so it doesn’t always work. Sorry it happened to you.

      You can click here to Get Andrew Schloss’s Homemade Soda Recipes Book in Canada. The book is only available in paperback in Canada but I think you will really like it. This has become my favorite “Cookbook”. I have added in some additional links for those visiting from Canada and the UK to make it easier for others that visit the site.

      I am happy to hear you love your Sodastream Pure. If you don’t mind, please take a moment and leave your own Sodastream Pure Review on my Pure page. You can find the review categories at the very bottom of the page. Just rate your Sodastream Pure by clicking on the stars in each category, enter your comments about your experience and hit submit. I am sure other visitors to the site would appreciate your feedback and/or suggestions. Thanks again for your comment. – Take good care, Luke

      • Lynn Legere
        February 25, 2012 | 6:55 PM

        Thanks Luke for the info. I’ve clicked on your link and am happy to say I’ll be ordering this book after I finish here. Really appreciated your site although I bought my machine before seeing it, on the recommendation of a friend. Had no idea there were so many models, although I’m happy with mine. Nice to know, though, that it was a decent buy! Think I’ll be taking this to the cottage this summer along with the recipes! Will add my review now too.

        • Luke
          February 25, 2012 | 8:09 PM

          You’re very welcome Lynn. Thanks again for the comments and for leaving your Sodastream Pure Review! Isn’t it nice how easy it is to take your Sodastream along with you when you travel? Ours will be going with us on the family vacation this summer. – Thanks again, Luke

  3. Michelle
    February 18, 2012 | 5:09 PM

    Curious about your 1complaint about soda siphon/soda stream and to follow the directions for to mix with seltzer I haven’t bought the book yet. Does that mean you carbonate the water and add the mix in later so it doesn’t “explode” over your kitchen

    • Luke
      February 18, 2012 | 5:28 PM

      Hi Michelle, Thanks for visiting the site and leaving your question. Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It is really a minor error in the book and many people make the same mistake in referring to the Sodastream as a Soda Siphon. However, the process for making soda with a Siphon verses a Sodastream is quite different. Specifically, with the Sodastream, you add the syrups after you carbonate your water and then gently mix in the syrup with the cap on your carbonating bottle. With a Soda Siphon, you add the syrup before carbonation and shake the soda siphon to better distribute the CO2 and syrup into the water. Experienced Sodastream users would never make this mistake but someone new to both Sodastream and Homemade Soda Recipes just might end up with a very messy and bad first experience. I would rather be overly cautious by pointing out the error than receive an angry email from a reader with a mess on their hands. Thanks again for visiting the site. I hope this answers your question. – Take good care, Luke

      • Michelle
        February 20, 2012 | 2:04 AM

        Yes it does thank you. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the soda stream or the siphon. I decided to go with the sodastream and tried it out today. It reminds me more of the taste of fountain pop than bottled store bought pop. I’m going to buy the book tomorrow. I want to try some new different kinds of pop! Thanks again for your info.

        • Luke
          February 20, 2012 | 9:45 AM

          Michelle, I am glad I was able to help. I agree that pop/soda from the Sodastream is a lot like fountain sodas. This is one of the reasons I like the Sodastream. Good luck with your Sodastream adventures and please come back to leave your own Sodastream Review for your model once you have used it for a while. – Take good care, Luke

  4. Jody
    February 16, 2012 | 11:43 AM

    I have had my sodastream for about two years and have had many successful outcomes. I NEVER use the Sodastream syrups due to the sucralose in them. If I am too lazy to make my own simple syrup and mix with juices, I use the syrup that is used to flavor coffee. I get it at World Market or Sams Club. If my sodastream ever breaks, I will definitely get a new one. Easy to use once you get used to it’s quirks. I also have used boxed syrup mixes from Sams online, it comes in all flavors-strawberry, off brand colas, root beer etc. It is less expensive this way than using the coffee syrups, but can be messy.
    Thank you for your review.

    • Luke
      February 16, 2012 | 5:23 PM

      Hi Jody, Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments. If you have a moment, please go to the page for your model and leave your own Sodastream Review. I am sure your experience will prove helpful to others considering a Sodastream Home Soda Maker. – Take care, Luke

  5. bette rago
    December 26, 2011 | 1:12 PM

    how much is the book?

    • Luke
      December 27, 2011 | 12:43 PM

      Bette, The book retails for $18.95 but can usually be found on sale for under $13. The Kindle version is typically $10. As with any other product, pricing can very.

  6. Marie
    December 16, 2011 | 8:59 PM

    Hey, thanks for this review! I rushed and bought a Soda Stream for my family for Christmas based on radio ads about no high fructose corn syrup — so I expected only natural ingredients — but then today as I wrapped the gift and really read the packaging I realized that Sucralose is in everything! And two of my kids get headaches from Sucralose, plus I am concerned about Sucralose health reports. I still love the idea of a soda machine for many reasons, so I am going to give my family the book you suggest with 200 recipes as an addendum to the Soda Stream. Really appreciate your advice!!!

    • Luke
      December 16, 2011 | 9:06 PM

      Hi Marie, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my Homemade Soda Recipes page. The use of Sucralose is one of the negatives when it comes to the Regular and Diet Sodastream Flavors. The Sodastream Sparkling Naturals is an all-natural Sodamix that doesn’t have the HFCS or the Sucralose. Of course, I personally think you picked a great book to give as part of the gift. Not only will you find great recipes where you control the ingredients but it will also make for a fun family activity. We have a great time using the Homemade Soda Recipes in the book. Make sure you check out the Sodastream Sparkling Naturals for when you don’t have time or a desire to make the recipes. I think you’ll be pleased with them. Thanks again for visiting the site and leaving a comment. Please come back once you’ve used your Sodastream to leave a rated review on the page for your model. – Happy Holidays, Luke

  7. Judy
    December 15, 2011 | 9:15 PM

    Now if I could just learn how to mix quinine with the tonic mix…I drink a glass of tonic water with quinine every night to help with leg cramps. When I bought the Soda Stream, I was thinking, YEAH, I can eliminate all those plastic bottles of tonic I buy forgetting that the tonic I drink has quinine in it. Quinine is what helps with leg cramps. Doggone it, I thought I had a plan!

    • Luke
      December 15, 2011 | 10:20 PM

      Hi Judy, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my Homemade Soda Recipes Page. You may still have a good plan. The Tonic Water flavor of the Sodastream Sodamix lists Quinine as an ingredient. Follow this link to the Sodastream Tonic Water, click on “more images” and then click on the image that looks like a nutritional label.  The nutritional label will expand and you can read the ingredients for yourself.  All you have to do is pick up a bottle and you’re back on track.  Since you already have a Sodastream, please take a moment to go to the page for your model and leave a rated Sodastream Review on the site for others to read.  The more reviews we can add to the site, the easier it will be for others considering the sodastream to form an opinion.  Thanks again for taking the time to leave your comment.  – Take good care, Luke

  8. scott wade
    November 24, 2011 | 9:27 AM

    Enjoyed your site, I think I read everything as there is so much. A lot of stuff is embeded in the articles and trying to get back to what you read is overwhelming, so much good stuff. My question is what is the difference between seltzer and soda. I have had a Fiz Wiz for 30 years that broke yesterday. It used the cartridges and although the carbonated water tasted a bit sour, using RO water, I was wondering if Sodastream tastes the same or like a bottle of club soda? Thanks Scott

    • Luke
      November 24, 2011 | 1:23 PM


      Thanks for taking the time to visit the site and leave your question. Most people will tell you that there is no difference between Club Soda and the Sparkling Water you make with a Sodastream. Club Soda is technically defined as man made seltzer water. Where Seltzer water is a naturally occurring sparkling water, Club Soda or Soda Water is man made by injecting Co2 into water. With that said, however, many commercial manufacturers of Club Soda add additional minerals and/or potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate. This takes a bit of the edge off of the finished product making it less harsh and sometimes sweeter than just plain carbonated water. This is not to be confused with Tonic Water, however, which is actually more of a true soda and is sweetened. I would suggest looking at the ingredients on the Club Soda you drink and see if there are any additives. If there are not, then the water you make with the Sodastream should be very similar. If it comes out overly harsh or tastes funny, I would suggest filtering your water prior to carbonation. Another recommendation is to make sure your water is always chilled before carbonation.

      Thanks again for taking the time to visit my Sodastream Review site. I hope my response helps answer your question. – Take good care, Luke

      • Scott Wade
        December 22, 2011 | 6:38 PM

        Thanks Luke for your reply. As soon as I read it, I headed off to Costco and found their large co2 tank and chromed bottle unit for $99, and I am now enjoying a store bought club soda taste from Sodastream. Thanks for your response, Scott

        • Luke
          December 22, 2011 | 7:02 PM

          Hi Scott, I am glad I was able to help. Once you have used your new Sodastream fora while, please come back and leave your own review on the page for your model. Additional reviews from Sodastream users like yourself could go a long way in helping those new to the product to determine if it is right for them. Thanks again for visiting. – Happy Holidays, Luke

          • Ed
            January 8, 2012 | 12:40 AM

            We bought the sodastream for my son this Christmas. He and his friends love trying unusual flavors of soda and he was hoping to come up with different recipes. The problem we’ve experienced is the minute he adds these homemade concoctions to the water it practically explodes no matter how we try to change the Recipes,sugars etc. .what are we doing wrong? ,my son and his friends are extremely frustrated. any ideas

            • Luke
              January 8, 2012 | 4:34 PM

              Hi Ed, Thanks for visiting the site and taking a moment to leave your question on my homemade soda recipes page. It is hard to offer advice without knowing what your son is attempting to add to the carbonated water. As a general rule, the thicker the syrup, the slower you need to add it to the carbonated water. For example, the Diet Sodastream Sodamix flavors can be added faster than the regular Sodastream Flavors. The Sodastream Sparkling Naturals, however, must be added very slowly to prevent “fizz out”. These all-natural syrups are very thick. Most of the homemade soda recipes are also very thick due to the ingredients you use. Pouring them in very slowly is the best way to avoid the fizz out.

              Have your son tilt the bottle and pour the syrup mixture into the bottle much like you would pour beer into a pilsner glass. Take a look at Tiffany’s video on my Sodastream Fountain Jet page. She does a good job of demonstrating this. Again, the thicker the syrup, the slower you will need to add it. Begin adding new syrups very slowly while keeping an eye on how the mixture reacts with the carbonated water. If the syrup generats a lot of fizzy foam, stop or pause pouring briefly to allow the mixture to settle and then continue pouring. With a little practice, you will get the hang of it. Be careful when you mix in these thick syrups. They tend to require more agitation and may need to sit for a couple of minutes before slowly opening the cap.

              Thanks again for leaving your question. I wish you and your son the best of luck with your homemade soda adventures. – Take good care, Luke