Sodastream Diet Flavors

Sodastream Diet Flavors

When I first discovered Sodastream almost two years ago, I was very into all of the Sodastream Diet Flavors.  I got my first taste of a diet soda shortly after my little brother was born.  My mother switched from regular soda to strictly drinking Diet Dr. Pepper ® to help lose that baby weight (sorry Mom!).  If you wanted a soda in our house, you had to learn to love the saccharin-sweetened beverage or simply do without.  I have been a diet soda drinker ever since but I was never thrilled with them.

Diet soda got better with the introduction of NutraSweet ® but it was Splenda ®  that really hooked me on diet soda.  My family began drinking our local supermarket brand of diet soda because it was sweetened strictly with Splenda®.  You can imagine how pleased I was to learn Sodastream used Splenda ® in all the Sodastream Diet Flavors.

There are currently 21 Diet Sodastream Flavors to choose from.  If you are a diet soda drinker and prefer the use of Splenda ®, you are very likely to find a Diet Sodastream Flavor that will please you.  Let’s start by taking a look at all the diet Sodastream flavors and the nutritional information.

Sodastream Diet Flavors Nutritional Information:

Sodastream Diet Flavors:






Cola Free (Compared to Coke Zero ®) 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 30mg 15mg
Diet Cola 0 0g Splenda ® 2mg 15mg
Diet Cola – Caffeine Free 0 0g Splenda ® 2mg 0mg
Diet Cranberry Raspberry 0 1g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 6mg 0mg
Diet Cream Soda 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 3mg 0mg
Diet Dr. Pete (Compared to Diet Dr. Pepper ®) 0 0g Splenda ® 2mg 28mg
Diet Energy Drink (Compared to Sugar-Free Red Bull ®) 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 35mg 80mg
Diet Fountain Mist (Compared to Diet Mountain Dew ®) 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 46mg 36mg
Diet Ginger Ale 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 20mg 0mg
Diet Green Tea Citrus 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 5mg 0mg
Diet Green Tea Mixed Berry 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 5mg 0mg
Diet Green Tea Pomegranate Peach 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 5mg 0mg
Diet Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 5mg 0mg
Diet Lemon Iced Tea 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K  15mg 0mg
Diet Lemon Lime (Compared to Diet Sprite ®) 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 20mg 0mg
Diet Lemonade 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K 16mg 0mg
Diet Orange 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K  25mg 0mg
Diet Peach Iced Tea 3 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K  19mg 0mg
Diet Root Beer 0 0g Splenda ®  2mg 0mg
Diet Tonic 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K  31mg 0mg
Diet Pink Grapefruit (compared to Fresca ®) 0 0g Splenda ® & Acesulfame K  20mg 0mg
Hover over the link for each flavor to see the average rating for each flavor on     Serving Size based upon 8-ounce serving size (0.34 ounce of Sodastream Syrup to 8 ounces water)


Note: Nutritional Information for the Sodastream Diet Flavors listed above is based upon the Sodastream Formula available in the United States.  Sodastream Flavors, Ingredients and Nutritional Information varies by country.  Visitors outside of the United States should refer to the Sodastream Site for your country to obtain the Nutritional Information for Sodastream Flavors available in your area.

My Thoughts on Sodastream Diet Flavors:

For the most part, I find the Sodastream Diet Flavors to be very good.  They are not exactly like their name brand equivalent but they come pretty close in my opinion.  Many Sodastream users state they can’t tell a difference between the Sodastream Diet Flavors and their regular brand.  Others, particularly those sensitive to Acesulfame-K, still complain of an aftertaste but even Diet Coke uses Acesulfame-K these days.

My personal favorites are the Diet Cola, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Dr. Pete (formerly Diet Pete’s Choice) and the Diet Pink Grapefruit.  I was quite surprised by the Diet Pink Grapefruit.  I don’t even like Grapefruit and I wasn’t a big fan of Fresca ® but Sodastream’s Diet Grapefruit is my favorite flavor of them all and many folks tell me it is their favorite as well.  Sodastream’s Diet Root Beer is a huge hit in my house but I’m not a big fan.  Nor am I a fan of Sodastream’s Diet Ginger Ale but as I’ve said before, I’m married  to my Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale and Sodastream’s version didn’t stand a chance.

The truth about Sodastream Diet Flavors, however, is that everyone seems to have a different opinion.   I can sit here and tell you what I like and you could absolutely hate it.  The only way to really know if you will like the Sodastream Diet Flavors would be to try them for yourself.  With that said, I will say that if you are married to your Diet Pepsi, I doubt you will be pleased with Sodastream’s Diet Cola.  In my opinion, most of the Sodastream Flavors tend to resemble the Coca-Cola ® version with a few exceptions.

For those that are not fans of Splenda ® & Acesulfame K who are looking for a more natural low calorie soda, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.  Sodastream recently announced a new line of Stevia Sweetened Sodastream Flavors to be released this summer.  If you are not a fan of artificial sweeteners at all, you may want to consider Sodastream Sparkling Naturals as an all-natural alternative or begin making your own soda using homemade soda recipes where you control all the ingredients.

Where to Buy Diet Sodastream Flavors:

The Sodastream diet flavors can be found most anywhere that sells other Sodastream Flavors or does carbonator exchanges.  You can use this Where to Buy link to find a local retailer near you.  If you plan to buy your Sodastream Flavors in bulk, Sodastream offers a discount that makes every 10th bottle of “Sodamix” (Sodastream Flavors) free.  You can Order Sodastream Diet Flavors Directly From Sodastream Here.  The discount is referenced on the individual Sodastream Flavors Pages.

Please Note: is primarily targeted to those new to the Sodastream line of products.  If you landed on this page and have tried the Sodastream Diet Flavors, please take a moment to leave some feedback in the comments below about your personal experience.  Your feedback will help those considering the Sodastream to determine if the Sodastream Diet Flavors are right for them.

3 Responses to Sodastream Diet Flavors
  1. Joan
    August 14, 2012 | 10:54 PM

    I decided I want to make a few comments about the SodaStream diet sodamixes because I have read so many negative comments about them in places like In truth, I much prefer real butter and real sugar – but I don’t use them on a daily basis. I use them for dinner parties but day to day I eat and drink diet. Splenda is the best diet sweetener I have found. The other day I tried Stevia and threw out the box because I thought it was awful. I like the SodaStream diet sodamixes – some more than others and I haven’t tried them all. I refuse to drink regular soda although the SodaStream naturals do look nice. I just can’t see consuming all those calories. One of the reasons I do like my new SodaStream Revolution is that I am now drinking more water, carbonated though it may be. And when I did my weekly marketing today, it was such a pleasure not have to lug home cans of Coke and large bottles of soda. So I guess I am now a SodaStream addict.

    • Luke
      August 15, 2012 | 12:07 PM

      Joan, Thanks for the comments on the Sodastream Diet Flavors. I too prefer Splenda over other sweeteners. Stevia was not a big hit with me either although I’ve tried to acquire a taste for it and can now tolerate it but if given the choice, Splenda is my sweetener of choice. Oddly enough, I drink less soda today than I did when I first got my Sodastream but the diet flavors are my preference when I do drink soda. Once you begin experimenting with your Sodastream, a whole world of carbonated beverages open up to you. You are not limited to the Sodastream Flavors or other soda mixes on the market. A little imagination and trial and error gives you the ability to really expand the types of beverages you drink and still benefit from eliminating the cans and bottles associated with traditional beverages. In my Sodastream Flavor Alternatives pages, I’ll be talking about some of these other options. For example, the Mio water enhancers are great to use with a Sodastream. They are also what I would consider a diet flavor because there are no calories and they are lighter/more refreshing than regular soda. I’ll be releasing my Mio page shortly for those interested in learning more about how I use them.

      Thanks again for the comments. – Take good care, Luke

      • Joan
        August 15, 2012 | 3:21 PM

        I think Mio is good in plain water & also in soda water. Also good is just a nice squeese of lemon or lime in soda water. Just plain water has never turned me on. I think you have a great site for people who are trying to learn more about SodaStream & whether it is for them.