Sodastream Flavor Alternatives

I can’t tell you the number of email messages and questions I get about Sodastream Flavor Alternatives.  If you have read through this site, you’ve heard me say many times that Sodastream’s Flavors are not for everyone.  Many people, particularly those that prefer regular full-calorie soda, just can’t get past the fact that Sodastream uses artificial sweeteners in their Regular Sodastream Flavors.  The introduction of Sodastream Sparkling Naturals in 2011 helped many of these people find happiness with the Sodastream but there are still folks that just want to know what other options are available.  Take this email I got from Traci for example:


Sodastream was an impulse buy after a friend told me about hers.  She went on and on about how wonderful it was and how great it is to make pop in her kitchen that I didn’t even think about it.  I grabbed the first Sodastream I could find and didn’t look back.  You can imagine my excitement as I made my first bottle of cola and my horrible disappointment when I tasted it for the first time.  What Sodastream sells isn’t cola.  Regular cola doesn’t have artificial sweeteners.  I’d rather have the HFCS than this swill.  My boyfriend has done nothing but throw out ‘I told you so’ every time he sees my Genesis sitting in the kitchen collecting dust.   I wish I had found your site before I decided to buy.

Is there anything I can do to make the Cola taste better?  Are there other flavors I can try or am I stuck with what Sodastream offers?  I really like the idea of using the Sodastream but so far, this was a mistake.  Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.  I’d appreciate any help you can give.

Begging for help,


Traci’s story isn’t all that unusual.  I have received many similar email messages from people that didn’t find my site until after they bought a Sodastream.  Fortunately, Traci and I were able to talk.  I gave her some tips to improve the Sodastream Cola flavor but more importantly, we found some Sodastream Flavor Alternatives for her to try and she is now in love with her Sodastream.


I hope you remember me.  It has been six weeks since we talked but I’m that crazy wingnut you talked to who hated Sodastream’s cola.  I have to thank you!  You proved my boyfriend wrong by actually calling me.  He said you wouldn’t and complained I was just wasting time.  I also thank you for being patient with me and helping me figure out this Sodastream thing.  I took your advice and tried most of the options we talked about.  I totally love my Sodastream Genesis now and the Arizona Old Fashioned Soda Syrup is the bomb!  Even my boyfriend loves the Sodastream now and I’m the one saying ‘I told you so’!  THANK YOU!!

Your crazy fan,


Traci discovered she liked one of the Sodastream Flavor Alternatives I suggested to her but her choice may not be right for you.  For this reason, I have decided to create a page detailing the same information I discussed with Traci so you can find an alternative to the Sodastream Flavors that work best for you.

So, What are some Sodastream Flavor Alternatives?

Pick up Bulk Boxes of Your Favorite Name Brand Soda: For those that are married to their name brand soda, you may find the best option to be picking up your brand in bulk at your local Costco, Sam’s or BJ’s Warehouse Store.  Many of these stores carry boxes of name brand soda flavors you can easily use with your Sodastream.  This is actually one of the most cost effective means of using your Sodastream to save money but it is not without its challenges.  Namely, those bulky boxes can be difficult to store and you must transfer the syrup from the bag inside the box to some other container.  This makes dispensing syrup for use with your Sodastream practical.  Just pick up an inexpensive bottle with a pump for storing your syrup near your Sodastream and you are set.  People following this method have written in to say they love the cost savings of making their name brand soda with the Sodastream.  Many also comment on the fact that since they control both the carbonation and the amount of syrup they use, their version of their favorite brand is perfect every time, fresh and better than what they can buy at the store.

Use Homemade Soda Recipes: There are countless recipes for making your own soda available on the Internet.  In addition, there are now some excellent books that offer recipes you can easily make in your own kitchen.  I have already reviewed Andrew Schloss’ Homemade Soda Recipes book on this site but I will soon be reviewing another book that I have found to be even better and I’ll also be sharing the results of my experiments with carbonating infused water that Flavored Sparkling Water drinkers will be especially interested in.  I’ll update this section with links to these pages as soon as these pages are published.  Realistically though, you can use your own imagination to come up with countless carbonated beverages using fresh fruit juices, herbs, spices and a bit of creativity…but we’ll get into this more in the new pages I’ll be releasing soon.

Find a good Sodastream Flavor Alternative You Love: There are countless Sodastream Flavor Alternatives out there for those that don’t fall in love with the Sodastream Flavors.  Just search Amazon for Soda Syrup and you will see 20 pages of results detailing many different brands and flavors of syrups you can use with your Sodastream Home Soda Maker.  Just about any liquid flavoring can be used with the Sodastream.  I’m not going to cover all of these Sodastream Flavor Alternatives in detail but I am going to give you some options based upon my personal experience and feedback from visitors.

Sodastream Flavor Alternatives on

This section on Sodastream Flavor Alternatives will be a work in process.  I am going to list all of the flavor alternatives I’m going to cover in detail below.  At first, this list will just appear as bullet points.  However, as I add the pages for each of my Sodastream Flavor Alternatives, these bullet points will turn into links to my Sodastream Flavor Alternatives pages.  Please just bear with me as I go through the process for creating these pages.

  • Amoretti Premium Syrups
  • Arizona Old fashioned Soda Syrup
  • Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Concentrate
  • Flavrz Soda Mix Concentrate
  • Fox’s Bag In Box Syrup
  • Jelly Belly Syrup
  • MIO Liquid Water Enhancer
  • My Water Sensations
  • Teisseire Syrup
  • Torani Syrup
  • Vitamin Squeeze Energy Drink
  • Other Sodastream Flavor Alternatives

With all of these Sodastream Flavor Alternatives available, just about any soda or sparkling water lover should be able to find a flavor option to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.

Please note:  If you are a Sodastream user and have found some good Sodastream Flavor Alternatives, please take a moment to share them with others by leaving some comments using the comment form below.  I can guarantee you that other visitors will appreciate hearing about your favorite Sodastream Flavor Alternatives!